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Live lessons with native speakers.
Full-time and GCSE or A-level certificate

King's InterHigh School Full-fledged British education for children

United Kingdom
British School Diploma
Age of students 7-19 years old
Assistance with admission to a university

Prepare for the careers of the future now!

With the help of Educate Online, you can explore 60+ courses, including: Robotics, Programming, Medicine, Business, Mathematics, Foreign Languages and many others!

School Features

King's InterHigh School is the UK's largest online school.
Upon admission, all students make a deposit of £1,000. When enrolling with Educate Online, the deposit is not required to be paid
All courses are approved and meet the requirements of the Edexcel and Cambridge International Commissions
Progress Report:
Progress reports are issued 3 times a year (in December, April, and June)
Entrance requirements
English at the B1-B2 level
After graduation, a student can take an exam and get a GCSE or A-level certificate
Platforms: Adobe connect for conducting lessons in the conference format
Сanvas for homework and assignments

School education

Full-time studying
Duration of studying — 35 weeks
The age of students
7-18 years old, English at the B1-B2 level
The additional possibility
Enrollment at any time of the academic year
School requires the purchase of books without fail. Students usually purchase them on Amazon.

All classes are recorded, so you can watch them on the record if the child does not have the opportunity to attend lessons. But if a parent passes through his personal account, he must notify the teacher about the student's inability to attend the lesson.


School pricing


7 subject package for students aged 7-11, in year 3-6
(Key Stage 2)

£2,901 / per year
Registration Fee — £500

Lower Secondary

8 subject package for students aged 11-14, in year 7-9
(Key Stage 3)

£4,031 / per year
Registration Fee — £500
8 subject package for students aged 14-16, in year 10-11
(Key Stage 4)

£4,838 / per year
Registration Fee — £500
A Level
3 subject package for students aged 16-18, in year 12-13
(Key Stage 5)

£5,220 / per year
Registration Fee — £500

Enrollment process

Step 1: Leave a request
After leaving the request, our specialist contacts you and tells about our programs in more details
Step 2: Test lesson
Student is provided with a trial lesson with an Education Online teacher. The teacher will assess the English-level, academic knowledge, and review the student's goals during the lesson.
Step 3: Getting recommendations
Following the Trial Lesson, an Educate Online advisor will recommend programs suitable to help each individual student to achieve their goals.
Step 4: Payment
Following the admissions review, an offer of admission will be provided along with a tuition invoice for payment.
Step 5: Onboarding with a live meeting

With the school in Zoom

Step 6: The classes begin

The success stories of children who chose to study at Educate Online